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Cheryl Slean's Dharma Talks at Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center
Cheryl Slean
Cheryl Slean has been practicing meditation intensively since 1995, teaching since 2007, and is currently on the Teachers’ Councils at Against the Stream L.A. and Insight Community of the Desert, Palm Springs. She teaches classes and retreats at these centers and at other spiritual and secular venues including Seattle Insight, Mindful Schools, Refuge Recovery Centers, Santa Monica Hospital, Google LA, and many other health and wellness and business settings. She has also helped design research on the efficacy of meditation for chronic pain, and developed associated trainings for healthcare professionals. Cheryl has a Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation (CMF) from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, and regularly offers meditative interventions in addiction outpatient programs.
2017-06-27 Let go of the Past, Future, Present 42:58
Reflections on how wise mindfulness helps us let go of clinging to the past, projecting obsessively into the future, and grasping or resisting the ever-changing present. Guided meditation in open, choiceless awareness for continuity of mindfulness.
Going Against the Stream: Mindfulness and Compassion to Awaken the Heart

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