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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks at Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2016-05-11 The Process and Development of Spiritual Authorities [ Indriya ] 57:27
The 5 indriya arise from the grounded citta – they lead the meditation process. Without these we unnecessarily re-activate samsaric processes: perfectionism, projection, self-criticism. Get on the right track!
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-11 Reflection on Citta as Responsive Sentiency 20:58
Our awareness touches and responds. To set it in line with Dhamma, we use the occasion to bring forth, to offer heart – so that it can open. This is Dhamma practice, Sangha is the human individual quality of our subsequent endeavor.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-10 Guided Meditation on Breathing 20:34
Get the body grounded, set the spine, sense the balance. Trace the rhythm of breathing, apply some tuning, let its energy spread through the body. Enjoy.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-10 Path: Kamma and it’s ending – in body and mind 65:44
Citta moves through Kamma, not through space-time. It is triggered by ‘old Kamma’ – perceptions, attitudes, personality programs. It keeps recreating these unless there is direct insight – the Kamma that ends Kamma.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-10 Reflection on the Four Noble Truths 47:06
Building up the strength to meet dukkha: moving out of habitual support systems, give oneself fully to citta and somatic presence.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-09 Q & A 41:25
Pain, drowsiness, ethical integrity (in a non-ethical world), nature as a model for humans.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-09 Rewilding the Wasteland ; the Arising of the Five Indriya 55:29
From the “Wasteland” of samsara, (which is generated by ignorance and craving), a natural arising of spiritual strength can occur – if we ‘touch the ground’ of truth and empathy.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-09 Standing Meditation – Finding the Somatic Body 21:24
Standing can put us in touch with somatic intelligence as: balance, as cohesion. Gradually the felt sense of body re-forms as a mid-line central stillness and as peripheral sensitivities and openness.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-09 Puja: Participation not Observation 26:20
Devotional practice works through including us in bodily, verbal, and heartful actions. Words and concepts are secondary to images and romances. Images of Buddha hands carry deep meaning.
Rewilding The Mind
2016-05-08 Accessing ‘Ground’ – Unconditional Acceptance 13:11
Awareness is often beset with thoughts, emotions, and narratives that cause a ‘jump’ into conceptual proliferation. With unconditional acceptance we hold awareness as a non-reactive ‘pool’ that receives and resonates with mind-stuff but doesn’t react.
Rewilding The Mind

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