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Retreat Dharma Talks at Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

Meditation Retreat for People of Color

2019-07-03 (8 days) Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

2019-07-04 The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness 59:55
Bonnie Duran
This talk reviews the 4 foundations of mindfulness and breath meditation.
2019-07-05 Feel More. Suffer Less. 53:33
Sebene Selassie
Exploring the 4 Noble Truths by understanding why the Buddha called suffering and the end of suffering "one thing".
2019-07-05 Guided 4 Elements 31:50
Bonnie Duran
Guided body scan
2019-07-06 Bringing Curiosity to Feeling Tone 64:41
Sebene Selassie
A meditation on bringing a curious and kind awareness to pleasant, unpleasant and neutral.
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