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Kittisaro's Dharma Talks at Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center
Kittisaro, from Tennessee, a Rhodes Scholar and a Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years including 15 years as a Theravada monk in the Forest School of Ajahn Chah. He is also a practitioner of Pure Land and Chan Buddhism. He is co-founder, with Thanissara of Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat in South Africa and has completed two year long retreats. Kittisaro currently lives in the North Bay, California, teaches at IMS and Spirit Rock, and is co-author of Listening to the Heart, A Contemplative Journey to Engaged Buddhism. He lives in the North Bay CA, and is on the Teacher Council at Spirit Rock, and is a core teacher at IMS.
2018-09-28 The Practice of the Dharma and its Magical Response 51:45
Aspects of the path and its practice. Mr. Mandela and his regal benevolence. True emptiness and wonderful existence.
Reclamation of the Sacred
2018-09-28 Yoga of the Heart 40:27
Wisdom and compassion, different expressions of the one mind. Deliverance of the heart through metta: Talk followed by Guided Meditation
Reclamation of the Sacred
2018-09-26 The Primal Essence of Consciousness 49:01
Kuan Yin's method of enlightenment. Reflections on "roots" in the Shurangama Sutra and the Mula Sutta. Similes for Nibbana.
Reclamation of the Sacred
2018-09-26 Meditation on Dukkha and Release 35:27
Eight kinds of dukkha. Four reflections in mindfulness of breathing: change, fading, cessation, and letting go (relinquishment).
Reclamation of the Sacred
2018-09-24 Alchemy of Joy 49:22
Full moon practice. The healing dimension of samadhi, unification, how to take a true holiday.
Reclamation of the Sacred

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